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Apr 30, 2021

3 min read

Meet Rooxie

Rooxie is a 19-year-old upcoming artist from Brisbane, Australia. He has a very unique, unused, and memorable name. He is half Australian and half French. His unique accent invoice has great potential in this world.

He has been doing music since he was in elementary school. He plays the recorder, clarinet, drums and guitar. He met a group of friends who had already been making music for a few years during high school at Mansfield state high. This inspired him to write music all throughout 2018. Rooxie would write lyrics to beats when he walk to school and back home and before he went to bed.

Towards the end of 2018, he was at his friends house and recorded his first song. It was titled “vodka and ice (Pain Away Freestyle)” and it is currently on SoundCloud. After he dropped this song, he had a surprisingly amount of recognition at his new high school, Winnam State High. The song would play at parties and at school regularly. That is where he met his friend Tofa, and from there they were rapping and singing whenever and wherever they could. It wasn’t long before they bought a Mac and a cheap microphone and began experimenting on a daily basis.

Rooxie has never had a specific style that he stuck to. The beats he would use range from acoustic to hip-hop to pop to indie music. This time to be able to record over any instrumental no matter what the genre was. This challenged his skills and made him more of a multi skilled artist. His most successful track is “CHEQUE” which is on all streaming platforms. He recorded it at Airlock Studios, which is known mainly for being “powderfinger’s” studio. This song was mixed and mastered by the same friend who helped him record his very first track. Rooxie was posting a couple snippets online and he received an overwhelming amount of comments and likes, which was very clear that people wanted this song to be released. it has reached 20k views on Spotify. Rooxie’s fanbase has been constantly growing, and he is about to drop an album in the next coming months.

There are two main artists that Rooxie is inspired by, Odd Poet and Juice WRLD. Odd Poet is is his friend that has always released good quality music, and who is the person who inspired him to become a recording artist. Juice WRLD‘s amazing talent to freestyle has always captivated him and he has found his music to be very relatable in terms of struggle with love and drinking and the side effect of love. Rooxie’s main goal is to provide studio quality music that is unique sounding and can appeal to people across the world no matter what genre they are into.

Instagram: rooxieofficial